About Our Family
Mayr Family Farm is owned and operated by Gary & Diane Mayr.   It started out as a Dairy Farm, when Fred and Clara Mayr purchase the farm in 1958.  In 1999, The Mayrs decided to get out of dairy and into poultry.  We have 42,000 Babcock Laying Hens, that produce approximatley 3,000 dozen eggs daily for Phil's Fresh Eggs, Inc.  Our birds are cage-free, hormone-free, & antibotic-free.    We also have 5 Percheron Horses, 2 Belgian Horses, & 1 Appalosa.  How do you think we pull all those wagons to the Pumpkin Patch?  Then there is our Hereford Beef Herd, and that makes up our farm animals.  It makes for alot of hay to grow and bale in the spring & summer months!
Gary & Diane run their farm together with the help of their children.  They have lived on this farm most of their marriage.  This farm is also the same one Gary grew up on with his siblings.  Diane also came from a farming family, so both know what each season brings.  The Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch have always been a dream of Diane's to someday be able to open to the public.  With a lot of planning & hard work on everyone's part, her dream became a reality.  Gary drives the team of horses that pull all of our wagons & Sleigh.   
Amanda Mae "Dolly" 
Chad is Gary & Diane's oldest son, he helps with daily farm chores from walking the roost in the hen houses to hauling the manure.  Chad also does fieldwork with Gary during the spring planting and the fall harvest.  He drives the horses out to the Pumpkin Patch & is the "Grim Reaper" in the Haunted Maze.   Anna is employed at a local Hospital and works 40 hours a week off the farm.  She helps with the website, with the Pumpkin Patch, & with the Corn Maze.
Anna & Chad
Jason is Gary & Diane's Youngest son.  He helps take groups out to the Pumpkin Patch & "scares"  the visitors to the Haunted Maze.  Christy helps with the Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.  
  Tracy currently works for Advanced Disposal, in the office.  You will find her in our Ticket Booth during the day...but at night she is ready to scary you in the Haunted Maze.
.Amanda was Gary & Diane's oldest daughter.  Mandy was born on June 6, 1980 with Cerbal Palsy and need a wheelchair to get around.  She loved her family, music,  to dance, and to make noise.   She passed away November 23, 1999.  Mandy will always be in our hearts and be remembered. 
Jason & Christy's boys love to play on the farm.  Devan & Carter love to explore & have adventures on the Farm. They also like to go for rides out to the patch with Papa.
Chad & Anna's kids love playing on the Farm, from Pedal Tractors to the Animals. Dakota loves to help Daddy & Mackenzie loves to feed the baby animals! They always love to ride out with Papa to the Pumpkin Patch!