We have had Schools, Youth Groups, Boy Scout Troops, Bacholer Parties, & Extra-curricular Clubs come for a day in the country.  Some come during the day, a few brave groups with older kids have come in the evening.  Come see our working amily farm, sit around a bonfire, go out to the pumpkin patch, navigate the corn maze, & more...

The Corn Maze is a great "Team Building" exercise.  One Youth Group Leader made the kids tie their legs together, so they had to walk the maze 3-legged and work as a team.  The Maze is great for all ages, whether it's for a day of fun or it's for a day of challenges.

There are a series of questions located in the Maze, at various intersections.  Work together to find the correct answers to win a prize or just use them as a reference point to keep you on the right path!
Questions range from easy to hard, but fun for all ages!!!